The Sex Life Of Mature Couples

For older or mature couples, aging does not necessarily mean that all the fun in bed has to come to an end, although it does not happen as often. Recent studies and surveys carried out on couples in their 50’s suggests that about 43 % of couples around this age engage in sex at least once a week. Most of the couples around this age said they have a fantastic sex life and find sex more satisfying.

For a couple in their 50’s, sex at that time may not be the same as it was in their youth but that does not have to be a bad thing. As a matter of fact, sex may be more enjoyable than ever. The couple can still continue to keep the fire burning in their bed by through a number of ways.

Speaking with to their partner openly about sex may help both of them to feel closer and make sex even more pleasurable. During such communication, being playful may make it quite easier. This can be achieved through using humor, teasing and tickling which lightens the mood. Being honest with their partner for instance, by letting them know how they feel and what exactly they hope for in their sex life may also make sex more enjoyable. Debating on new ideas with their partner for example, if one partner wishes to try something new he or she may raise it up with the other partner, who should as well be open to the ideas, and since in their old age they have more time and fewer distractions, it can be a conducive time for creativity and passion.

A couple expanding their definition of sex might make sex more pleasurable and interesting. A couple should open up to the idea that sex may mean a lot of things other than just intercourse. Sex can also be viewed as sensory pleasure, emotional pleasure and relationship pleasure. Therefore, kissing, touching, and any other intimate contact may just be as rewarding to the couple.

A couple should also be creative when it comes to sex. This is because with aging, the partners may not be comfortable with some sexual positions as they were before but this does not mean that they should give up on this pleasurable activity. Instead they should find out what works out for them now. The partners should try out new sexual positions that are enjoyable and provide comfort to both of them. The couple also, should engage quite longer in foreplay for example by extensive touching and kissing since it might take long for either partner to be aroused.

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