The first Arsenal escort who approached me to have some fun.

It was summer when I got my first trip to London. I was alone on that trip, I have nothing with me but my pocket full of cash and some guts to travel alone. As I went out to London’s Arsenal airport, there is this one kind person who noticed me; she knew that I was a first timer for the place. She approached me and offered that if I ever wanted to have some companion. I said yes, and she happens to be one of the Arsenal escorts. It was late afternoon, and I was a bit tired because of the flight. She then pointed to the nearest hotel called Arsenal Tavern. I asked for her number so that I could call her tomorrow and be my escort for the day, and then I went on to the hotel. As I walk inside, a warm smile welcomed me. I felt great, and I saw the details of the room were astonishing and pleasing to the eyes. So, I booked myself a room. The room was very clean and tidy, it smells nice. The clerk told me that they have a free breakfast tomorrow. The bed was so relaxing; the comfort room was so neat and dry. I stayed for the night, and I was delighted. I got my free breakfast in the morning and called the Arsenal escort I met yesterday. I then go to the place she told me and there we discussed some things. She toured me around Arsenal; she suggested that we should go to a local bar and have some few shots. I was totally having fun that day with her; she was the most fantastic escort I have ever been with. She has an easy-going personality. Her politeness and kindness attract me. After that, she also suggested that we should at least eat. I laughed at her gestures and asked her where she wants to have her meal, and she told me that he knew a favorite restaurant nearby, the Grimsole restaurant. We entered the store, and I noticed that the customers there are enjoying their meal. It immediately came to my mind that this restaurant is excellent, and indeed it was.
It was a long happy day for me and my Arsenal escort. I thanked her for her time and then we went on to our respective places. I came home the happiest and the biggest smile on my face. It was a once in a lifetime experience for me and if I ever wanted to travel again? I would love to go back to Arsenal, London. The place is so amazing, and by that, I would like to bring my friends with me if I ever have the chance to come back. I cannot also forget how the Arsenal escort treated me. I can sense that she wanted me to feel like it was a home for me, while I was there. Indeed, it felt like home. I was so thankful the escort approached me. If it weren’t for her, my trip would be boring because I could easily get lost in the area, and because it was my first time there. I suggested the place to all of my friends and relatives. I told them that the trip was all worth it, and if ever they will go to Arsenal I also suggested that they should book themselves an Arsenal escort. I told them that the escorts are fun to be with, and surely, they will enjoy their presence.

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