That Magical Touch

I used to have this girlfriend who was able to do a really good tit wank. She used to put baby oil on her boobs, stick my dick in between and wank me off. It was wonderful, but then again she has some amazing assets to write home about if you know what I mean. I think it was back then my fascination with big boobs started. If you enjoy dating girls with big boobs in London, all you need to do is to call escorts in London.

What I really like about the girls I hook up with at London escorts, is that most of them are natural. Since I split up with my tit wanking girlfriend, and her tit wank was incredible. I have stuck to booking escorts in London, and i love it. I know that I could find a girlfriend if I wanted to, but I think that the average girl in London today is too hung up about what I call sexual correctness. That is the main reason I prefer dating London escorts. Not only are London escorts a lot more open minded, but they are less hung up about stuff than other girls.

But there is more to London escorts than freedom of expression. I have dated escorts in other places I have lived in, but I found them all to be rather fake. The girls at London escorts services have nothing fake about them at all. They are all perfectly genuine, and most of them have not gone under the knife. Women think that men can’t tell the difference between a pair of fake boobs and the genuine article, but that is not true. I prefer them real and big.

Should you fancy arranging a date with a hot babe from London escorts, all you need to do is to sit back and relax. Sure, there are still some girls who work as incall escorts in London, but most of the escort agencies in London now like their London escorts to be outcall escorts. That suits me fine. I check out the agency’s website, find the girl of my dreams and give the agency a call. Before I know it a hot bit of stuff is outside my door and ready to spring into action.

Is it expensive to date London escorts? No, you don’t need to take out a mortgage to date escorts in London. Most of the girls I have met so far prefer you to spend more time with them, and I normally arrange for a two hour date. That is two hours of sweet surprised that would please the most demanding male of the species. So, when you are in the mood for an open minded sexy companion, and feel the need for some special adult services, all you need to do is to dial up London escorts and see how is ready to come out to look after your every need. I am sure your it will not take you long to find your own bit of hot stuff.

London Escorts With Flat Chests

I know that a lot of girls have real hang ups about living with a flat chest. One of the girls who joined London escorts does not really have a flat chest but she is not well endowed neither. She does not seem to worry about it too much, and she is still getting dates at London escorts. I think that not all gents are into big boobs. For instance, gents who enjoy the company of more petite girls, are not that worried about big boobs.

If you do have a flat or smaller chest and would like to join London escorts, you should not worry about it too much. I have met some girls who have rushed out and had implants just so they can join a top London escorts service. Trust me, that is not really worth it. If you have naturally larger breasts that is fine, but if you don’t, you should not try to worry about it too much. Most gents that I

know like to meet natural girls and fake boobs can look really fake.

One of the girls that I used to work with at another London escorts service had really small boobs. She worried about it like mad and saved up all of her money from her London escorts earnings. In the end, she went Poland to have her boobs down at a discount price. When she came back, I must admit that it did not look very nice at all. She had sort of lost her natural body balance and even lost her glow. A couple of weeks later when I spoke to her, she wanted them out. It seemed like her dates did not appreciate her extra cups so to speak.

You have to be so careful. A pair of bigger boobs can look great and make you feel better as well. I think that if your small boobs or flat chest are affecting your mind set, you should have something done about it. If you don’t, I would leave them as they are. I promise you that you will get date at London escorts any way. What a lot of girls who are new to London escorts forget about is that personality matters as well. Most of the gents that I meet up with often say that they like a girl’s personality and that is why they date her.

When I first started to work for London escorts, I did not put too much emphasis on the personality thing. Now I make the most of it. Gents will not come back to spend time with you because of your big boobs. They will come back and spend time with you because of your personality. Lots of my gents are more like personal friends and certainly do stare at my boobs all of the time. They seem to have other things in mind instead. I know that it may seem hard to believe for new girls, but that smile matters a lot. Keep on smiling to fill up your dating diary.

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