Income From A Fetish

I have never been a small girl, and even before I joined London escorts, you could not say that I was petite. As I carried on working for London escorts, I ended up dating a lot of men who had a passion for larger ladies, and just like me, enjoyed really good food. I soon realised that I had the perfect niche with cheap escorts for someone like me, and happily carried on dating until the owner sold the escort agency. The new owner did not want larger ladies working for him, and told me I had to leave.At first, I was pretty upset. I had loved working for London escorts and was missing my dates. Of course, I was worried about my income. I had some money put by for a rainy day, but I did not want to blow it all. Looking around London, it was clear the trend was for more slimline London escorts. But, I knew that it would not matter how much I dieted, I would never be a slimline lady. It was depressing and although I was managing financially, I was missing all my little treats.

Fortunately, I was able to get a job in a local supermarket, but I was bored. The customers were lovely, and sort of made up for the gents I was no longer dating at London escorts. I still felt there was something out there for me, and after a while, I turned to the Internet. A couple of the girls at the London escorts service I had worked for had worked as cam girls and I thought it could be something for me.Just like with London escorts, I knew that I needed to find my own niche.

Most of the girls I checked out were all into the same thing. One evening I did come up with a crazy idea. It dawned on me that I could perhaps make some money out of my love for food. A couple of hours later, I had written a profile, and if you like, come up with a plan of attack. I was going to be larger than life cam girl who enjoyed her food, and a week later, my Feed Me profile was set up online. Role play online can be more complicated than with London escorts, but I worked my way around it.

Instead of letting someone feed me, I set up a table in front of the camera with different goodies. It was a bit like a sweet trolley in a cake shop, and the visitors to my cam girl profile could choose what they wanted to see me eat. When they checked in with me, they simply picked a treat, and I sat there in my lingerie eating the treat. My profile was a roaring success and before I knew it, the cash was rolling in.

Now a year later, I have made a 1 million pounds, and I am still attracting visitors to my profile.

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